The Government
of God

Luke 17: 20-21
 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God does not come with observation, (visibly): Nor shall they say, Look here! or, look there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is inside you.


      Luke 17:20-21 expresses a fundamental truth in the Bible. It is a revelatory scripture.  One that is explains a great body of other scriptures, especially Bible prophecy. The cultural norm or viewpoint held by consensus in that time was that the kingdom of God would come in a visible form with the descendant of David sitting on a throne in the nation of Israel. In their minds he was to bring righteousness, justice, mercy, truth and peace to the earth through physical force. Whether that force be earthly, angelic or miraculous is irrelevant. The Son of David would be seated in Jerusalem, in the Middle East, as king to administer it. They got this viewpoint from scriptures like these and many others. What Jesus was doing was correcting that misconception. His answer to the formally educated leaders of that day brings us to an unfortunate reality of the last few generations. These verses of scripture although used by some for certain purposes are almost heartbreakingly ignored as to what they specifically imply. That there will never be a visible\physical government of God on the earth.  I call them the most ignored verses in the New Testament. This due to the fact that 99% of today's pastors and teachers emphatically teach that some day there will be visible\physical government of God on earth.

    Basically these verses contain two statements. The first corrects a false teaching or belief about certain, mostly prophetic scriptures about the government of God on earth. That it will not be visible\physical. The second, in a highly condensed form show how all those prophecies and promises will come to pass in the world.  By way of the government of God being inside of people.  Meaning God will work through and with people to change the world for the better. That reveals the problem that confronts our generation. The basic premise that the Pharisees believed is one and the same as most of our formally educated leaders and Bible teachers hold today. Since they believe  that kingdom of God is indeed coming visibly.  The full import of the second statement; "the Kingdom of God is inside of you." is being high jacked to teach things other than its original intent. Which is: The ancient world, the world that Jesus and his apostles walked in would be transformed because God and his government are inside of individuals.  In fact in the proper time and season. So transformed that the hundreds of chapters of promise and prophecy would be able to be fulfilled in any nation that meets the conditions laid out in scripture.

     Does the reader see the problem? If all those promises and prophecies about a new heaven and earth are to come to pass because Jesus rides into town on a white horse with a sword in his hand to physically force righteousness on the world. How do his people ever grasp the true nature of the calling and personally develop, then strategize and labor in such a way that will naturally transform the world we live in? The answer is that they can't. If the true follower of Christ has been bewitched into thinking the world has and will grow worse and worse until Jesus comes. Or,  if they have accepted teachings that say the only way all those promises and prophecies can come to pass is via a physical intervention by God to destroy evil and somehow miraculously impose goodness. Then why would they even so much as day dream about a calling, knowledge, preparations, strategies and miraculous empowerment from heaven to change it themselves?  Without that knowledge the extent of their work would have to revolve around winning souls and "making disciples." Which one way or the other is the right thing to do.  Without winning souls and making disciples nothing in God's Word can come to pass. A disciple is not just to learn how they should live though. They are  supposed to learn what God's will is for the world.  If they do not, they cannot intelligently participate with God in that aspect of his will to transform it. 

.....behold, the kingdom of God is inside you.


     The Government of God that this article is attempting to described is not what has always existed, but rather what has been prophesied. Furthermore not so much its humble beginnings but rather its ending. In other words: What is the Government of God that scripture says was or is to come.  How does it come, what does it look like.  How does it govern, how does it bring change for the better?


      The way Gods government works on earth could be likened to the ultimate grass roots organization. Its only mode of gaining ground is through personal interaction on a strictly individual basis. Truth and reality are employed in this personal interaction that is both divine and spiritual in nature. It is left to to the individual to voluntarily accept by faith, or reject both the divine interaction and the truth that is presented. In this sense the Government of God is revelatory, instructive, motivational and administrative on a specifically individual scale. In the broadest sense of this personal relationship God is referred as Father; in which the child is completely dependent upon for every necessity of life.  This is the totality of the basis or foundation of the (prophesied) Government of God in the earth. This not only represents it's humble beginnings but also the basis of its end. It is the beginning because God in his sovereignty created moral agents in such a way that limits his control over them to that which can persuade a voluntary change of heart on their part. He cannot change their hearts by physical or miraculous force or coercion. It is the end because God will not and indeed cannot establish moral governance in the earth without the cooperation of men.

      If step one in God's program to govern the earth is to get an individual to accept that governance. To birth it into that individual. The next feature or step  lays in the physical nature of moral agents. If an individual accepts truth and embraces reality, especially if it came through divine agency. By physical necessity it will have an effect on that individuals behavior. The adulterer will seek reconciliation with their spouse. Parents that cared little about their children will commit themselves to love them and seek their betterment. The womanizer and sexually immoral, the homosexual and the porn user will restrain their appetites and seek a new nature. The politician and the lawyer will stop lying, the thief will stop stealing. The same conditions that brought the behavioral changes will also cause those who have discovered this new way of life to tell others about it. This is done in hopes of bringing others to the same experience. The care and love brought into hearts by Christ's sacrifice and resurrection power will cause these individuals to employ all kinds of means in their efforts to bring others to Christ. In their minds it is an essential part of their faith to see others reconciled to the government of God that they too may find the promise of eternal life. These are the perfectly natural effects of a voluntarily embraced personal relationship with the God of truth and love.

     Most true believers at least in theory know that all the resources of heaven are available to these individuals to accomplish these things in steps one and two. The extent of the availability of these resources is based on the individuals faith which in a real sense is based on their experiential knowledge. This is essentially the work of the Gospel which comes through Gods initiation and not mankind's.  It is designed to bring the governess of God into the lives of individuals. The majority of modern Bible teachers and pastors generally agree with this.  That this is what Jesus meant when he said the Kingdom of God is inside of you. It brings personal salvation and should result in behavior modifications. Yet it's at this stage where Gods agenda for world governess gets high jacked by false teachings about a future visible\physical Government with Jesus sitting on a throne in the middle east. Basically leaving us with a glass half full.

      As steps one and two involve a process that God is initiating and intimately involved in with the cooperation of people. The continuation of the same exact process by it's very nature involves cultural and political change. This is quite a bit more complicated than the initial steps because there are so many different factors involved. Perhaps this is one reason why the subject has not been thought through by so many. It is easier to just leave the glass half full so to speak than to bring basic teachings to their fullest extent when it involves very complicated situations in culture and politics. What needs to be understood though is that this process is totally natural to the point of being unavoidable. What effects people personally will quite naturally effect culture and politics. When individuals lives are radically transformed by an intimate relationship with heavenly and eternal things. There will be a physically unavoidable effect in their personal behavior and their relationships. This carries over in exactly the same manner to their political and cultural viewpoints. Again, to deny this is to deny the very nature of moral agents and is tantamount to denying that the faith of Christ has any bearing in the thoughts and actions of individuals who have discovered the grace of God. It would be saying that heavenly and eternal things can be contained in the heart but cannot show themselves in any form or fashion in the natural world. Kind of a ridiculous suggestion but in fact this is the position doctrinally for most Christians as far as their view of the future is concerned.

      If one person coming to Christ can change the culture of a family. If the culture of a family is changed, if children are now born to Christian parents.  If these people are winning more souls. then the same holds true for a village or a community. If a community or a people groups culture is changed.  If a significant minority of them are soul winning evangelical Christians and  if a majority of them accept Christian principles in law and government. Then a nation can be changed in the same manner. If a nation can be changed (and their have been nations changed this way,) then the whole world can be changed. There are no brakes on this vehicle except self imposed ones. You cannot intellectually admit to change taking place at a family or local level and at the same time reject the same vehicle's ability to change a nation or the whole world. Yet for the last century the majority of believers have boldly announced that the world is getting worse and worse and will end in a final cataclysmic event that will usher in the Kingdom of God. To the authors knowledge there has never been a more effective propaganda campaign than what the devil himself hatched in the hearts of God's people than the utter falsehood that the world is more evil than it was before. There is no comparison between our world today and the ancient world.  To say that there is is the height of ignorance or arrogance. The very worst that our our world today has to offer was the common practice, the norm of the ancient world. The very best our world today has to offer was only a dream of thinkers and prophets. Even today without any working knowledge of this subject in the hearts of so many of God's saints, the vehicle moves forward. Yes! even though the saints deny any such thing is happening, even when they totally disagree with God and the reality on the ground. Hearts are being changed, cultures are being transformed, and darkness is giving way to light in many nations. The next few paragraphs will look at a working knowledge of this process. 


      Lets begin with the days of the Apostles and one of Jesus's parables about the Kingdom or Government of God regarding this exact process. Jesus was asked by his Apostles what their reward would be for forsaking everything they had and following Him. In Matthew 19 and Mark 10 Jesus answered their reward would be abundant, both in this life and the next, only, with a caveat: "The first would be last the last first."   What Jesus meant by this qualification is that those who come to Christ and serve him first will suffer the most. For the most part the earthly rewards that where promised will not accompany those who are the pioneers into new area's with the Gospel. Whenever the Gospel is first introduced it has powerful enemies in high places. The consistent response of these powers that be, wherever the Gospel has or is being introduced, is persecution, murder, genocide and all points in between. However, with the Gospel as its basis, and over time when the Government of God has run it's full course in human affairs. The earthly rewards that Jesus promised become abundant due to the transformation of that nation or area. The powers that be have succumbed to the believers cultural influences. The rule of law, liberty, freedom, justice and the national prosperity that accompanies a nation "that does righteousness" becomes the standard. That is what is meant by the first, (in order) will be (the last) in the inheritance of earthly rewards. While the last in order, are the first in the sense of they inherent the fruits of all the labor of those who went before them. For those who think this confusing. What Jesus is doing is being careful to not minimize the abundant earthly promises of God throughout the Bible and at the same time tempering the expectations of the early Christians with reality. At the end of the next paragraph Jesus will use another saying like this to re-emphasize these things.

       There is a parable about the government of God attached to the verses just mentioned that explains the situation exactly as stated. In that parable a farmer hires laborers early in the morning to harvest his fields and agrees with them at the going rate for a days work. He goes out a few more times during the day and finds more laborers and a final time at the end of the day and hires yet more. At the end of the day he pays all of them the going rate for a whole days work. Those who were hired first complain saying. "we bore the full load of the labor in the heat of the day, why are you paying those who only worked an hour for a whole days labor also?" The householder answers them saying. "I am doing them a good deed by paying them for a whole days work." "You agreed with me for a fair wage and I paid it, why are you accusing me of being unjust with that which belongs to me?" The last (basically) get a better deal than the first. The interpretation of this parable is thus: Jesus is the farmer. The vineyard is the world. The labor is the work of the Gospel and the Government of God. The heat of the day and the brunt of the work load are the persecutions, the trails and tribulations of bringing the gospel and the influential power of the Government of God into a new area or nation. The going rate for a days labor is eternal life. Those who are last who's labor was much easier inherit eternal life as do those who did the bulk of the work even though their work was more difficult. Here is the other saying  Jesus adds at the end of that parable to clarify that it will be the last getting the earthly rewards that the first laid the groundwork for, many with their very lives. "For many are invited, but few chosen." This is actually the proper Biblical understanding of predestination. That God in his foreknowledge knew that certain peoples or generations would experience the full impact of the Government of God in the distant future. So while many are invited to partake of the wonderful benefits of the Government of God, like in Hebrews chapter 11.  Only those who are last (time wise) get to experience the full impact or "fruit" of Gods influence in the affairs of men. In this sense those that are last are the generations the Bible speaks about as "chosen" to inherit these blessings, plus the greater responsibilities that go along with them. Their labor is in a world that is far less hostile, and is far more conducive to righteousness. They become the most influential force in world affairs and they cannot be subdued by the forces of evil.  There are other parables or analogies that Jesus used to teach the same thing about the Kingdom (Government) of God.  Series of articles on the parables of Jesus about he government of God.  However, a glitch in the program prevented all of this from coming to pass. Gods saints remained perpetually in deadly persecutions for well over a thousand years.

Why it took so long after Christ came to reach the age of promise.


This article is being re-written. The remainder below is the old article un-revised as of yet.

     This 'glitch" is where the bulk of modern Bible teachers, pastors and Christian collages are entirely erroneous in their understandings of Bible prophecy as it relates to the Government of God. Yet it is one of the most instructive episodes in all of history as to how Gods sovereignty based in his wisdom restricts his actions in establishing his moral governess in the earth; to that which is in a cooperative nature with mankind. This progress hindering glitch was called  the "Age of the Gentiles." The Bible is explicit as to when Gods government would begin to exercise it's influence for the betterment in the affairs of mankind to it's fullest extent, That time was after the Age of the Gentiles is over. Naturally, since this is such a world changing subject much of Bible prophecy is devoted to it. The Age of the Gentiles was a 2000+ year period when four gentile (pagan) empires ruled over and oppressed Gods people. These empires are named in the book of Daniel by an angel as Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greek and Roman. Since these are history to us precise dates can be attached to them.  The same prophesies in Daniel told the exact date when Christ would be revealed to the nation of Israel. Furthermore they pinpointed that the Roman Empire would be ruling when this happened. Then on top of this they clearly prophesied that the first covenant age would come to it's end and Jerusalem and Judea would be destroyed by the Romans. The timing of the end of the first covenant age was prophesied as: In the first century; during the dynasty of Herod; and in the generation that the messiah was revealed to. As to the subject of this article, (in the book of Daniel) the Government of God would begin to be established after the destruction of the Roman Empire. Daniels visions of all this was progressive in the sense that more details were added with each new vision. The Apostle John's vision (the book of revelation,)  was progressive in the same sense. It takes Daniels visions, Isaiah's, Ezekiel's and others and adds a few details to them about the same subjects. The major details added to Johns vision about the Roman Empire was that it will split in two;  it would claim it was the Kingdom of God on earth while still holding to the same practices of the Roman Empire; and finally it would exercise the same power as the Roman empire and continue its slaughter of the saints and suppression of the Gospel. 


      Much has been written about the Roman Empires persecutions of both cultural and Evangelical\Pentecostal (and\or various Anabaptist) Christians. This fact was prophesied in Revelation 13:7. And it was given to him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindred's, and tongues, and nations.....10. He that leads into captivity shall go into captivity: he that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.....15. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. It is estimated between 50-100 million people were murdered over this fifteen century period. It should be stated clearly that mere handfuls in comparison were murdered for their faith. The persecutions were for all practical purposes political in nature for the very reasons stated thus far. Modern Christians may not understand the political implications of a Biblically founded faith; but kings and dictators both ancient and modern understand it completely. For this reason the Bible was an outlawed book in the empire during most of its existence. The common man had no access to it. The prophesies in Revelation are practical in nature, instructive. They told the believer there was no hope of overcoming the empire through force of arms. This is the reason for the words the "faith and patience" of the saints. They were to patiently endure the persecution and have faith that the judgment prophesied in the Bible would eventually take place. They had no other options than this. The judgments written of in the book of Revelation spoke of the Age of the Gentiles as it related to Judea culminating in it's destruction in 70AD. Then from chapter 13 on the judgments are directed at Rome before and after it was divided into an eastern and western empire.  There may also be a general reference to the judgments that would come upon future nations that attempt to destroy the work of Gods Government. The word attempt is used because according to prophecy (and history as we know it so far,) they all fail. Herein lies the instructive nature of this history as it related to this age of the gentiles.  Even though the Eastern and Western Branches of the Empire were militarily conquered. Their demise was  prophesied as a triumph of the Government of God and a beginning of Christ's reign in the earth. The Old Testament text uses straightforward and illustrative language to describe this, the book of Revelation exclusively uses illustrative language. Therefore the events that accompanied this need to be looked into.

From the time of the Apostles on the Gospel was spread via preachers who carried  some or all of the Bible with them. These documents were hand written and for most of the millennia and a half reign of the Roman Empire after Christ these documents were illegal. They were as ruthlessly destroyed if not more so than the believers who possessed them. Writing these Bibles by hand was a laborious job. One that could not keep pace with the empires attempts to root them out. Secondly there was no where to flee. To leave this empire meant going to another that eventually would raise the same persecution. If over a period of a few generations a people group or nation within the empire was transformed by the gospel. The empire would employ genocide to rid it self of the "infection."  Two events seemed to be the impetus to change the dynamics of all this. The first was the advent of the printing press. As alluded to earlier the extent of the ability of the gospel to influence and spread was hampered by a lack of written material. This time though, coinciding with one of many past reformations, the printing press was employed in the spread of written material. It's noteworthy that the first book ever printed on a European printing press was the Bible. However this was not all. Materials such as teachings, tracts, religiously inspired political discourse  spread like a wildfire throughout northern Europe. Perhaps the way the Empire dealt with this in it's past caused them to misjudged the speed at which the new technology aided the spread of what they called treason. Whatever it was though they acted far to late in their plans for inquisition and genocide (if necessary.) Whereas before it took a hundred years for a whole nation to be thoroughly affected. Now in a hundred years dozens of nations within and without the Empire where completely affected. This resulted in the Thirty years war which decimated northern Europe with estimates of between 7-15 million deaths. This was the beginning of the end for the Roman Empire. The Eastern empire would fall to the Ottoman Turks in the 15th century and the last vestiges of the western to Napoleon in 1802.  The result of all this was the beginnings of true religious freedom in the sense that the Gospel was now free to run its full course in some nations.

The second factor in all this coincided with the printing press. That was the discovery of a new world. The America's, specifically North America offered something to the believer that had never existed. A habitable continent lacking existing empires with large organized armies. Hence the migration to it became unstoppable. In North America what was developing in thought and practice in northern Europe could in fact progress almost unhindered. It did just that. The founding documents of the United States exhibit almost a pinnacle of understanding of the how the Government of God works in the affairs of men. Though amazingly successful in comparison to what the world had always experienced before it, especially in it's founding era. This was only the beginning of an age Wordservice.org calls the Great Gospel Age. The main events that led to it are what the article intends to use as instructive for future generations. 

In the Bible the coming of the Government of God is usually looked upon as an event with a date placed on it.  (The date being in the mind of God.) The when, what, where and how are one of the mysteries hidden in scripture that were not revealed to ages and generations of men. What is educational in the events in history that fulfilled prophecy was what failed and what succeeded.  It is beyond argument that all the dynamics that accompany the Gospel and the Government of God were in place and being used in the earth from the time of Christ onward. In other words the way God works with man to bring the good news and everything that can be built upon the foundation of Gods Word was in full play. All the miraculous power, the work of his mighty angels, the full employment of his providence, the access of his people to his promises never died down. The only difference between the failure of the Gospel and Gods Government to run it's full course in the era 33 A.D. -1500+ and its success after that era were "earthly" in nature.  In other words the new technology of the printing press and the empireless new world (among a few other "earthly" things) were the main difference between success and failure. All the spiritual and heavenly things remained the same in both eras. The means of success though in this era verses the latter were essentially the work of men. This is not meant to say that God had no part in the employment of these new "means." On the contrary he did! Furthermore he foresaw it millennia before it happened. What is meant by this is that if the proper means are not employed by men, it does not matter what God can do, failure will result. This historical example of this highly enlightening detail can be drawn out to show that the successes and failures in the last two centuries are directly attributable to the means employed by believers. Furthermore it can be shown that the means employed are unavoidably connected to the beliefs and knowledge (or lack thereof) of believers living out their faith. 

The foremost issue in the means that Christians are employing starts with what they believe. What is believed will dictate thought processes, actions and strategies. This is the very heart of true or false prophecy, or much more to the point in this age, true or false teaching. Real prophecy as far as its application is concerned is meant to give a distinct advantage over the forces of evil, to those who heed it. It is by its very nature the ultimate in insider knowledge. False prophecy by its design is meant to give the forces of evil the advantage. It's nature is to lead those who heed it to their own destruction. Now, in this era the prophet has been somewhat replaced by the "Bible prophecy teacher,"  or Bible prophecy teachings. Hence one can begin to see the dilemma that Christians are in today. It is completely in the interests of the forces of evil to have Christians believe that the world is quickly heading towards apocalyptic events that are completely outside the control of believers. That they (believers) have nothing to do with the direction the world takes.  This is the exact opposite of the truth and the practical reality on the ground.  With their faith firmly established in the veracity of Gods Word. It is the believers efforts and strategies that will determined the course the world takes.  If their faith is misplaced and darkness clouds theirs hearts and their vision, then the world will suffer more evil as a result. If they are filled with faith and knowledge and their labors are wrought in wisdom and zeal. Then the world will take a turn for the better. Those who are teaching that the world will get worse and worse and that evil will prevail need to take heed. It does not matter if you are pre; mid ; post. Amillennialist, Preterist or if you believe in an end time wiz bang last revival.  The fact is that you, as prophets of old, are leading the saints down a path that separates them from the power and providence of God in the very long term and extremely difficult  task of transforming their world. The judgment for this is already written. What ever is sown, that is what will be reaped. Evil will prevail if Gods saints walk in ignorance and sin, how much more so if they believe it is destined to prevail? Evil will prevail if the saints hearts cannot and will not develop understandings and strategies to overcome it. Evil will prevail if the saints have no inspiration to see to it that it does not. Evil will prevail even though all the resources of heaven are available to the believer to transform it for the better, if the believer does not participate with God in the divine agenda. Do you; teacher, or pastor want to be held accountable by God for evil coming to pass? Do you want to be looked upon as Israel of old that believed a false report about the promised land and could not enter into it? You cannot teach any of the various end of the world scenarios and escape the consequences of those teachings. They are by their very design tailor made to give evil an advantage. The transformation of the world is part of the great commission. It is to be wrought one heart at a time. Then those hearts in union with God are to create just and God inspired civilizations that are that city on the hill. 

At the current time 90% of active evangelical\pentecostal believers hold to teachings that absolve them from their duty in establishing God ordained republics or maintaining the ones that exist. This is the practical effect of misconstruing what the Government of God on earth is, the times and the seasons of Bible prophecy including the belief that the end of the world is near. What work is done in the maintenance of these republics like the United States is done not because of a practical faith in Gods Word but rather a selfish fear of loosing the good thing they have inherited from past generations. This my friends is not the way to have the Government of Gods assistance and\or guidance in the fulfillment of the Lords prayer, "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." God will work with those who put their faith and corresponding actions in the veracity of his written word. God finds it  difficult to aid and help those who's motive is self centered and who cannot perceive what the will of God is for their futures. It is a wonder that the vast throngs of Gods saints cannot even give a practical biblical reason why it would be Gods will to establish and maintain republics like the USA. Something so practical as the command to procreate and raise godly children, one of the fundamental  reasons for creating mankind in the first place. You cannot serve God by raising godly children under tyranny such as communism. Those who are ruling will simply murder you and take your children to use them for their own nefarious purposes, i.e. keeping themselves in power. To have the freedom to raise ones children according to the dictates of ones own enlightened consciousness without the interference of the wicked; if that were the only reason, should suffice. Or how about scriptures such as this: "He (the Messiah) will not rest until he establishes justice in the earth."  Or: "He will bring justice to the nations." Meaning, he will take the nations of the world and make them just as opposed to the wicked pagan empires that enslaved the ancient world. Friends, this is not possible without the establishment of republics based on the biblical teachings about human government, like the United States.  More people are coming to Christ now than at any other time in history. Due to nothing else but this the world is and will change for the better. As the scriptures teach plus what this article is pointing out. There cannot be any good and just human government without masses of people coming to Christ. However, if these new believers accept an essentially false belief that they are to hope and wait for an event in the future that brings a visible kingdom of God on earth. Instead of the truth, that in Christ they are creators of the future either good or bad. Then the world will see much more evil than it would have otherwise. Gods will will not be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Among the many effects of the many false teachings about the soon end of the world or the misconceptions about what the government of God is. None seem so brazen and detrimental to the welfare of all Gods creatures as the withdrawal of real believers from the political and bureaucratic realms of human government. Christians should be absolutely dominate in all politics. Not as a voting block!!!! In the United States Evangelical\Pentecostal believers are already the largest voting block, if they would actually vote and had people they would actually vote for. No, what is meant is by the statement believers should be dominate in the political realm is that believers should be the majority of politicians and other government offices. Dominate is the key word here. In the scripture is says of Christ that he made and open theater of the powers that existed in his day. Are believers in Christ? Is that statement just theoretical in nature? Are not believers the light and the salt of the earth? Can a proper standard of behavior and understanding for lawmakers, politicians judges and bureaucrats be set unless its believers that set that standard themselves? As it stands now in the present time believers are made to look like fools in the eyes of much of the electorate. There are two reasons for this. One is that there are so few of them involved that they are easily marginalized by the powers that currently dominate politics and government. Secondly and sadly, they are easily made to look like fools....well.... because to put it bluntly they are. This is not because believers are somehow inferior, on the contrary in matters of life they are obviously superior. It is simply the effect of false belief. The strategies, concepts, teachings, monetary resources, wisdom and hard core long term effort to secure victory over worldly and ungodly men is not, and cannot be within the mind of those who have a vision completely contrary to the Word of God, the realities of the Government of God and the centuries that lay ahead of them. Can you child of heaven even think in terms of even one century ahead? Can you son or daughter of the one who has no beginning or end even conceive of the future outside of what utterly depraved Hollywood producers have fed your mind and hearts with? Outside of all this how is God able to speak to his people and give them purpose and vision for the distant future? The answer is he is not able to in any intelligent way. Does one wonder why the prophets in the Pentecostal circles are so totally useless and inaccurate in their gift? Look no further than the doctrines they believe. How can God tell them of what lies ahead even twenty years from now when they are absolutely convinced in their spirits that a final coming of Christ is immanent? How can God use them as he intended to give his people some inside information so they can prepare for the challenges that lay in the future when their hearts and spirits do not believe nor consider a future? He tries, but to no avail. There are so many disastrous effects of these unsound, unsafe end time doctrines that a whole article could be written just about them.  Maybe one will get written.

There are many wonderful people, ministries and churches that are participating in the world of politics, law, science, education. How much of a greater effect might these have if they were convinced the Word of God is on their side. That they can prevail and overcome rather than play defense holding back the flood of ungodliness. That they might take heart that their efforts with the baton being handed to the next runner and that eventually, whether they live to see it or not. Their efforts transformed the world in which we live for the better. Believers have a purpose in this life that is built upon winning souls and making disciples of those new believers. A purpose so broad and so deep that it defies the imagination. May God open our eye's and hearts.

 1 Corinthians 1:9. But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.






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