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Those who wrote Georgia's original constitution as did the writers of  the rest of the original constitutions thought it wise to require that those who occupied offices of trust at least be nominal Christians. This was wisdom based on practical experience rather than political considerations. Other than those who have some desire or agenda that  heavens governance would interfere with; who would not want someone who acknowledges the morality that Jesus Christ and the Bible as a whole taught assume the responsibilities of government offices? Is it wise to allow  people who reject the laws and the commandments of scripture concerning their personal and public behavior in offices of trust? Those who claim that the private behavior, (especially the private sexual behavior,) of a politician has no bearing on their public service are deceivers. This was common knowledge to the founders of this state as well as the founders of the nation as a whole. 
All publicly mandated education of the day was administered by Christians, or at least people who taught Christian principles. I assume that one of the reasons article LVI is written that way is to insure that the population is not forced to pay for an education in their local community that they do not agree with. Since local tax payer dollars were funding local education that was administered by churches article LXII wisely separates those who are receiving public funds from those who are spending them.

ART. VI. The representatives shall be chosen out of the residents in each county, who shall have resided at least twelve months in this State, and three months in the county where they shall be elected; except the freeholders of the counties of Glynn and Camden, who are in a state of alarm, and who shall have the liberty of choosing one member each, as specified in the articles of this constitution, in any other county, until they have residents sufficient to qualify them for more; and they shall be of the Protestant religion, and of the age of twenty-one years, and shall be possessed in their own right of two hundred and fifty acres of land, or some property to the amount of two hundred and fifty pounds.

ART. LVI. All persons whatever shall have the free exercise of their religion; provided it be not repugnant to the peace and safety of the State; and shall not, unless by consent, support any teacher or teachers except those of their own profession

ART. LXII. No clergyman of any denomination shall be allowed a seat in the legislature.

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The Constitution of Georgia 1777

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